Chainsaw Mama Chain saw Carving Art Gallery

chainsaw mama with bull carving  

Faye Braaten - Move over all you Chain saw Papa's cause here comes Chainsaw Mama. Faye is a happy wife and mother of 3. Growing up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, she now lives in Loveland, Colorado. Faye started out with oil painting and drawing, but in 1999, She picked up a chainsaw and tried carving. Judging from her artwork, We would venture to say that in addition to well behaved children, she is a proud mama of chainsaws that do exactly what she expects them to do. Faye won 2nd place during her first year of carving outdoing guys with up to 15 years carving experience. Our small gallery is just a taste of her artwork. Her website is and is stock full of photo's and interesting information on each picture. Chainsaw Mama's tip to carvers. Treat your body as the most important tool. You can't create without it. Faye uses a Husky 346xp and a Stihl 250.

chainsaw mama carving bear chainsaw mama carving elk chainsaw mama carving wolf
chainsaw mama carving deef chainsaw mama carving hand